Thursday, September 6, 2012

the Artist and her work in progress

a photo taken by Michael Schaefer and edited by yours truly. This was taken while serving as Artist in Residence at the Arts Academy in the woods. I have since been moving out of the area...we are still not fully moved and are moving in smaller increments. I think it is better this way so we can find proper space for things...not to mention build things for better storage etc..... We also have to fix and paint the old sell or rent- so my presence on my blog is quite low! the work you see in the post is one i posted a while back titled, “Deconstruction- Construction” I have used a lovely red accordion that was given to me by an accordionist! Also in the work are bits of piano pieces that I acquired at AAW from artist Rick Jacobi. I hope to be able to finish this 4 paneled mixed media later this year when I am more situated.

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