Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Mixed Media Mural in Ms Bucci’s Classroom

Hello!! Been a while since I posted on the blog. I am still very consumed with the move...seems That I am getting slower in regards to unpacking...and trying to find the right places for things!! so, I figured...adding a new post to my blog would serve as a lovely distraction !!! ha ha. If you remember- for those of you who were following my artist in Residence ....journey at the Arts Academy in the woods where I served as artist in res. from March until June 2012- I had the pleasure of working in Ms Bucci’s classroom. Ms Bucci is the Social studies teacher at AAW and is very progressive in her approach! She invited me to share some of my skills and philosophy with some of her 7th hour students. The students were inspired by my mixed media paintings on wood and wanted to also give it a go! There theme was “Revolution”. The interesting thing to note is when one works with others...there are always those who have different ways of approaching and seeing the work. I feel the entire experience was quite unique. I wish I had more time to spend with the class but feel that they did a fantastic job!!! Even Ms Bucci got to help a little with some painting! It would be great if the students and Ms Bucci would share their experience of working on a group mixed media project. I will post photos that share some of the journey! Thanks Again Ms Bucci and students for inviting me to share with you all. I am ever grateful for such a rewarding time shared. Note: to see all the photos thus far posted on my flickr account visit best wishes, xx Ms D
Here is the completed work:
some photos from the journey....

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