Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Call Only!

This photo reminds me of when I lived in Sacramento, CA. I was a young undergrad student at the time I lived in a small studio apt. downtown. I was not able to afford a phone....and so I had to walk down the street to a pay phone. My mom would worry about this....and often I did not tell her I was on a pay phone... (I lived in an area that was somewhat on the edge......). So, when i would call and sing, “Happy birthday or Happy ....whatever’s....) the street people...and passer by’s would look and listen! ugh!! grin. I was very happy the next year when i moved and was able to get a phone... My mom and grandma helped me a lot and I did not want them to cover the phone expense, too. Thank God for our mom’s and grandma’s!!!! Today Is Mother’s day! I thought this would be a nice post in honor of it!! Happy mom’s day to you all!! This plaster cast was one of the projects explored in Mr Jacobi’s class! Was fun to be a part of this!


  1. Someday all the pay phones will be gone -- and that will be too bad.

    1. thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment!
      I hope you are wrong...about the pay phones... I always used to get a kick when i was in the midst of no where...and then there was a phone booth! kind of surreal!!