Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inside studio 207

Thought to share a few photos from the other day. (Am currently taking a break from sanding a wood sculpture demo for Mr. Jacobi’s 3-D class). Perfect time to post to blog! I do not suspect any new works to come in studio 207. There is a lot going on at the moment. In and around the school, and also in my personal life! Plus in June we are moving! In regards to my art in Studio 207- I think that some of my work is going to have to wait for completion elsewhere. I did manage to finish some works, though! More importantly was the process and the waves of inspiration that have occurred within the space. Most satisfying. Funny- but I actually said, “ok no more new work”. lol! and then.........per my usual- I get inspired! I found this beautiful piece of Rusted metal the other day in the street. I had to wait for cars to pass...before jetting out into the street. Darn- wouldn’t ya know it- the cars that were zooming by pushed it further into the street.... Alas, i had victory!! here it is!
here is the second stage of the work in progress
I have glued it down and use objects to help weigh it down. I also added dirt to the board. Seems like “dirt” is something that has wished to enter the work. All the dirt is from AAW ground. also, here is a photo of one of the other works in progress. I added some of my grandma’s cut work embroidery to it. It was on a pillow case she made.... the pillow case- was worn and so I saved this lovely area of grandma’s craftsmanship! The work is mixed media on wood.
there are bits of saved objects: metal, string and a body of plaster mixed into the wood. a close up of the cut work embroidery
thanks for your visits!!

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