Wednesday, May 16, 2012

da Mann and da Bird mann

Today I actually stayed home to work on some demo’s for Mr Jacobi’s 3 D class. I know my dogs loved that i was home with them.... but now I must clean up my mess! ugh. Sanding wood is really better suited in the appropriate area...but for some reason..i stick close to the kitchen table. hhhhmmmn, maybe it is that i can have a snack whenever I feel like it! ;- ) In any event, Here are some photos from the past three days efforts. I started few days ago with the pieces of wood. I grabbed a few handfuls from Mr Jacobi’s wood stash box. I did not use any nails or clamps...I think i got more glue on my table than on the wood itself! once I felt the forms were kind of ok and glue was dry.... I then proceeded to sand. Tomorrow the students will begin their journey in abstract wood sculpture- using the “Additive method". I plan on painting - "da Bird Mann" and maybe using some wax or oil on the “da Mann". thanks for your visits!!

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  1. These are so wonderful--I will enjoy seeing what you do with them!