Thursday, May 17, 2012

Open up your heart and Let the Sun shine in!

.......the photo is a bit blurry but I still find it inspiring...full of life!! these are some plants I brought into the studio. They have done very well in this space! The Room has the most amazing windows...and lets a lot of sunshine in. I also have enjoyed looking out the windows when it was stormy. There is a lot of good energy happening in studio 207!! I love the energy that comes into this room!!!
Talking about “good energy” entering the studio..... let me delight you all with some beautiful faces of some of the students who grace my room with their visits!! Thank you so very much for stopping by and taking interest!!!! Anthony holding up one of his Awesome Lino cuts! Congrats to you Anthony on graduating !!! I wish you the very best in life!!!! Also, thank you for this amazing print... I will cherish it always!
Mary- shares many interests with me: she loves working in Mixed media and also takes an interest in ‘vintage clippings”. I was very happy that I could share some of my special stock of vintage goods with her!! Thank you Mary for stopping by!!
Talk about a beautiful smile!!!! Taylor and I had a great visit the other day- sharing all sorts of fun things! She Choose two works of mine that she wished photographed with!! I hope you stop back in!! thanks again for brightening up the day!! the first photo is a work in progress....actually just started it the other day.
Daniel came up to check out the studio and took quite an interest in my “spirit Warriors”. He had some fascinating comments to share! Thanks Daniel!!

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