Thursday, May 10, 2012

when light enters 207

I have been a bit under the weather...the past few weeks. Just a lot of things happening at the same time. Today, I came into the studio a little early before assisting classes...and held the energy of the room. A way of centering myself...and preparing for the day! I ran across some of my ‘vintage clippings’ and decided to have a closer look. These are the vintage clippings that I found in my sweet Grandma Barica’s dresser Drawers. When we had to move her from her quaint blue house...on Connecticut street to my mom’s house.. I found that she lined her drawers with newspaper. The Newspaper dated back to 1960. I remember when I placed the paper into a box...and she smiled...shaking her head. She said, “Diane Diane... no one but you would see this old newspaper in the way you do... I know you will use it for something special”. I miss my grandma very much. I have used almost all of the clippings...since that day in many of my works of art. I decided to use “Back to school” text from some the clippings in a new work today! I spent about 25 minutes on it...but was pleased with the outcome.
I also had two very sweet students come in to spend some time with me. I really love it when students and faculty stop in. This is why I am here share with you all!! please keep visiting!! Javon who is a Senior this year- stopped by during his lunch! I have my doors open for studio visits during lunch periods Tues- Thurs. He had some lovely things to say about the work in the studio. I asked him to stand next to a work he connected with and asked if I could take his photo for the blog! I love the photo !! and I think you will too! Thanks Javon for your visit today!!
Today we had a shortened day at AAW. I was pleased to have Kayleen Donahue step in after school. We had a very long and insightful talk about art and life! very inspiring!! Thank you very much Kayleen for checking back in. Kayleen has stopped in several times!


  1. These shots are bringing back wonderful memories of the years I held my "Art Bound Camp" with 9-12 year olds . . . those times were the highlights of my year. The influence you are having on these precious young people will be with them forever, as I know you well understand! We still treasure our mentors, huh? xox

    1. Thank you for sharing with us, too! I know you are a wonderful teacher, artist and person and I bet your camps were amazing!!
      I truly hope that I will leave good memories with these beautiful students...I know I will take with me many memories...shared.