Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Studio at AAW

A few photos of my new studio space at The Arts Academy in the Woods.
I am not quite set up yet but am making progress! Last week I had begun to move my ‘stuff’ into the room.
I was busy moving tables, laying down tarps, on floor and on walls... trying to find my self in the new space.
I had some wooden panels that were gifted to me by a fellow artist...and felt it would be best to use these for my future paintings.
The room is a there were many tables, desks, chairs, etc... I am going to use most of the tables and some of the other things will be moved out shortly so the space will be more suited for a working studio.
I have had wonderful support by all at AAW to make the residency run smoothly!

So, once i cleared a space for myself... i began to prime boards.

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