Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Setting up the Art Studio at AAW- Artist Residency- 3- 2012

last Week, I started to set up my new Art studio at “Arts Academy in the woods” which is located in Fraser, MI.
I am serving as Artist in Residence. I will be sharing my skills and talents with students at AAW and will be assisting several Art instructors at the school. In exchange for my service I will be granted a wonderful classroom to be used as my own art studio!
I am truly grateful.
Prior to AAW_
Art Instructor: Studio Fine arts for 26 years. Art Centers, College, University, Artist in Residence programs, art Centers...and more... I also worked with inclusive populations working with people with disabilities and using Art as Therapy.

I encourage you to check out their webpage... Academy in the Woods- A fabulous Arts Centered School! Outstanding Principal, talented teachers, and passionate Students!

And now some photos to share with you.
Thank you for your visit!

Some photos of the School. The totems were made by AAW Art Students.

I love the sculptures in the trees! also made by AAW Students.
photos by Diane Kramer @ 2012


  1. Just brilliant Di. I can feel the energy. Lovely, detailed blog with nice pictures...lots of nice pictures ;) Thanks for sharing in detail. Love the latest sculptural relief Diva BTW XX

  2. HI Helen! I so appreciate you taking time to view the photos and the up and coming new wip’s! I am very new to blogs - so pleased it is looking ok. I will be using the blog to share the journey the Arts Academy in the woods. I believe I will be there until the end of the school year and am very excited to work with teachers, students and staff. A wonderful place to be. Thanks Again! Glad you like the’ diva’ ! I think of her as a spirit warrior! will be making more of them...
    I think you are a good reflection of “diva”!!