Monday, March 26, 2012

Inside the Wall

When I got to the studio today I was a bit later than usual. I am watching my mom’s dog, Misty and our two dogs- Odin and Cezanne blue. All Australian Shepherds! My one dog, Odin...did not like that the weekend was up and knew that I would be going to “School”...he is not happy..and so- he did not want to come into the house... and I so... I chased him..tried to lure him with cookies....and tried for over one hour to get him inside the house.......anyway- once in the studio.... I worked on two of my vertical panels but did not choose to photograph as one may not see the difference in progress as I would., I have decided to post another work in progress that I actually took home with me today.

I had to leave a bit earlier than usual..
Monday’s and Friday’s are my personal days at AAW..

The work is called “Inside the Wall”
I posted some earlier shots of prior posts.
Once the oils dry... I
Most likely will add lighter colors..
it is an oil on wood.

this was the first stage of work in progress

i thought to introduce my assistants! They are my inspiration... well when they are not driving me bonkers!

My two best pals: Odin and Cezanne Blue.
Odin is the Black Tri
and Cezanne Blue is the Blue Merle

Here is

My mom’s dog who I am doggie sitting ‘ Misty” she is such a dear one...

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