Wednesday, March 28, 2012

glues and metals

Today I had thought I would try to get back into the vertical mixed media panels, but instead I found my way to the two oil paintings- that I recently worked on.
(also worked on the big 4 panel work...added some wood bits to it)

I moved the work to one of the front tables and positioned them side by side. I decided to cut some copper and some thin metal and glue to the surface. Not easy. Also added some Turkish glass beads. These Beads have been with me since early 1980-s. They were a gift from a Turkish violinist. A very pretty green bead.

I did not want to make too much noise ( I am working on the second floor where all the academic classes are being taught)... so instead of hammering..them down I had to resort to glue.
I used a silicone caulking.. it was ok but not the greatest to work with.
In any event, I got some shapes cut and glued on. Will have to see tomorrow if they stuck or not.

I also had several teachers come in to see what i was working on. Thank you for visiting..

I will now post the detail shots from today’s efforts.
(you can always click the photo to see it larger)

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