Tuesday, April 16, 2013

VSA of MI - Artist residency- working with young people with Autism

I have been working again with VSA of Michigan- working with a lovely group of students who have autism at an elementry school. I have a wonderful assistant- Kimberly and the best teachers and aids. A very supportive group! We have a total of eight sessions which will be followed by an art show to celebrate the students efforts and artwork! I will be posting some photos from the journey thus far. I wanted to work on a project using little steps... the end result...hopefully will be a fresh bouquet of Spring flowers held by the students hand. We are using professional grade watercolor paper, acrylics, oil pastels and if time we also have some nice canvas paper to create some cool abstracts! The first session we played with materials...allowing the students to become familiar with us and also to have a feel for the materials, etc. Also, we traced their hands. This was for the most part a team effort. All the students are non verbal and many of them have limited ability to use full range of motor skills such as holding the brush or pencil, paint, cut and or glue.. Following the tracing of hand, flesh tones were painted onto the hand and when dry - cut 3rd session: was to paint Spring green onto paper which would be cut out later when dry. 4th session (our current stage) was to take the stems, leaves and hand and glue down onto a white piece of watercolor paper. This was challenging for all!!! but we did it, thanks to the great support team!

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