Tuesday, June 5, 2012

wood sculpture (totem style)

Hello! I have been very consumed with a current move.... not only from packing my things from the art academy residency but also ....we are moving to a new location!! so, time has been so crazy busy!!!!!! Last Thursday on May 31st- was my Last day as artist in Residence at the Arts Academy in the woods. It was tough- emotionally to say farewell to many of the students and faculty. Saying good bye has always been hard for me to do...but I do hope that the door remains open! I will be posting another one of the Wood demo’s I did for Mr Jacobi’s 3-D class. Also, will post the last round of photos... (when i have a chance to do so) of the students...and some other fun shots from 3 classes). So stay tuned in! for now- one of the three wooden demos. the front side is not 100% complete...but you get the idea.. thanks for your views!!

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