Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Inside the wall” and “dream time"

Last week I was unable to spend a lot of time in studio...had some things going on outside of school that needed my attention. Also a few unexpected surprises! the way it goes sometimes, eh! In any event, These two works are both in progress but nearly complete- I think! the one, “Inside the Wall” is a mixed media on Birch Wood and is a mix of paint on wood, metals, Turkish Beads, dirt...and a couple more materials. This work feels like an Inner landscape and does offer journey to those who allow it while viewing and experiencing it!!
the other work in progress “Dream time” has a bit more work needed. Also Mixed media on wood, but a covering of Cold wax has been used. I want to go back into this work with more wax and more subtle shifts in white and beige.

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