Monday, May 7, 2012

Danica Kramer comes to visit Mr Moss and his students!

Today Danica Kramer came to AAW to share with Mr Moss and three of his classes! His students are currently learning about WW2. Dancia, who also happens to my beautiful mom, shared some of her stories as a young girl growing up in World War 2 in Croatia. My mom did not have a childhood like most young people here in the States...She had to learn how to dodge the bullets, the bombs and the stench of death on a daily basis. Seeing people she loved die or become very ill was a real teacher in compassion and survival. My mom and my grandma whom we lost last year, have always been kind and loving people who never held any grudges for what they experienced and witnessed during those hard years. My mom also got to share some historical facts about my father’s people who are known as the Danube Swabians. To learn more about this holocaust visit Or google them on line. My two brother’s and I are First Generation Americans. I am saturated with stories from my mom and her mom (Grandma Barica). I never grew tired of listening to them. My father and his family did not really talk much about their experiences in the war and how they had to flee their homeland on foot- taking with them only what they could carry.... I have to say, I never grew up with parents who became prejudice after the injustices and hardships they all endured. I am a very lucky person to have been born with such good parents and grandparents. One of my many gifts.... Thanks Mom for coming to speak to the students today at AAW. And thank you Mr Moss for taking interest in this event today!! Also, thank you to the students!! I hope you enjoyed meeting my mom and listening to her stories. My mom was very happy to be here for you and your students!! thanks again, Ms D
the photo that was taken before my mom and her mom (my grandma) came to America...from Croatia. Note the handmade dress my grandma made...


  1. Your mom is so incredibly special . . . What gifts she shares with the world....and I adore both dresses in the photo above! You are blessed,
    dear girl! Hugs all around.

    1. what a beautiful Surprise tonight to find this lovely comment !!
      I so appreciate your visit....what kind and inspiring words you leave.... thank you very much!! I will pass your message on to my mom.... today, Mr Moss’s Class wrote a bunch of Thank you letters to my mom. I can not tell you how happy she was to read them.... I am so pleased to see that there are still people left in this world who are interested in hearing people’s stories... and to also let them know they appreciate hearing them.
      I greatly appreciate your support and light!!

  2. it's fun to be over here, away from flickr . . . as I rarely venture anywhere else on the net . . . too time consuming . . . but I just love to follow you anywhere....and I'm loving our little buddy icons together here. YES, thank you notes . . . anyone who knows me well, knows how much value I put upon them. I'm just way too old-fashioned. More hugs....LOVE your student shots...

  3. I think Mr. Moss has a crush on your mom, and who wouldn't?

    Grandma Barica's dress ~ whatever happened to it? It is a work of art.