Saturday, April 14, 2012

de_construction - Construction

yesterday I spent a bit of time on de_construction - Construction ...trying to see which colors would fit best. I had changed the colors and look .....perhaps 3 or 4 times yesterday!! this is how it goes sometimes. I had to remind myself not to become the work has its own sense of time.
A Challenging piece- to say the least.

I will share some photos...
Also, Special thank you to Vince!!

He is such a great help!! I appreciate his willingness to help out and always enjoy our conversations. Vince helped me to cut a section of one of the lower panels. He made sure it was done correctly!!!
appreciate your help! The edge that Vince cut is the straitest edge in the entire work!!!
yay! way to go - Vince!

this work is a total of 4 panels.

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