Thursday, March 15, 2012

Students at AAW_ visit my studio! (studiokramer) room 207

Students at AAW_ visit my studio!
(studiokramer) room 207

today- I had the pleasure of sharing my new works in progress, explain construction of works, and also express things that inspire me- to the students of AAW.

currently- I am working on some things that require taking apart the red accordion.
I am limited in my tools and so all efforts are slow going!
It is good that I am a patient person- and understand that art making has it own sense of time.
sometimes when the flow is slow it allows for more reflection...
ideas, feelings and states of awareness...can become more clear!
-all part of the work in progress.

note: I forgot my sheet of paper with the correct spelling of the student names.
I will add their names when i have the list.
I would dislike to dishonor them by incorrect spelling!!
thanks again students for your help and your visits...such great questions you asked!!

AAW Students Maya Crawford and Jalyn Avritte

Latonia P. Harris- AAW student. Latonia told me that she was so excited to see that I make my dreams and follow my bliss”
thank you all for coming into the studio!

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