Wednesday, March 14, 2012

mixed media reliefs

I worked on two new forms yesterday - both are mixed media- The body of work is all a continuation of my “Rooted in Intuition” series.
I love to work with bits of nature, found and saved objects..and to be able to watch them transform into their own entities.

I began in the same way as the other work posted- few posts back- using paper, glue and fabric.
(I was inspired by Artist_instructor Rick Jacobi’s students at AAW). Rick is the Art instructor and had his students working in Paper Mache. I loved what they were doing and thought...paper would be a place to start! Originally I had wanted to work in a more permanent medium such as ferro cement but I believe my new direction is more suited for the space I am in.
Thanks Rick and students for the inspiration!

- today I spent most of my time deconstruction the red accordion..and priming a few boards.

and now for the work in progress I was working on yesterday.

paper, glue, fabric, aluminum cans, rusted metal, tree bark, wood, cloth

(you can see some of the accordion bits in this work).

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