Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Anybody out there?!!

.........Hello people out there...somewhere! ha. grin. I had a hell of a time getting back in here. Seems i have too many passwords out there and I am not a good one for keeping order- filing the password- username, etc...Hey! Call me impulsive when it comes to some things! grin. ok- So, I am hoping that things on your end are going well. This time of year can be a doozy for us sentimental Human watch out for the hype! Keep well...try to do things that make you happy and above all.....Keep on reaching in your hearts and find a way to express! Hope your holidays will be ones that make the heart smile! cheers!! xx dk a couple of sketches for cement sculpture. a mixed media painting photo-montage for you to enjoy! A photo-montage for you! the angel like beings are paper cut out sketches of mine....thinking about setting the sketch to cement and steel.

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