Thursday, May 24, 2012

Student Art Show and Dance show at AAW

things at the Arts Academy in the woods, (AAW) are starting to come to a close. Seniors are finished!!!! Congrats to you all!!! The rest of the Gang...will be finishing up with classes and take exams soon! I have ONE more week to go.... I have to admit...I am getting rather choked up thinking about it. My official last day will be on May 31st. - when I leave- I am taking with me beautiful memories that will hold a flame in my heart for years to come. a few photos taken at the Art Show tonight!!! and one at dance. I did not want to use the I got some trippy shots!


  1. what an amazing time this has been for you Di!! I have so enjoyed peeking in on your time and work here!! please don't stop, xo, J

    1. thank you very much Jeane! I appreciate your visits. The past month has slowed down (in regards to my own work...been stretched with teaching, assisting.,..and other things). However, I feel I have a good body of work that is off to a good start. I did manage to finish a few...
      More importantly was the process.... of the work and the ability to share with those who were interested.
      I shall miss many students , staff, and faculty!

      I also hope one day we can work together, again!
      thanks for your support.