Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Spirit Warriors in line up! and the Angel in the morning sun!

I will post today some photos taken yesterday in the studio. I loved how the angel looked in the morning sun! I have moved everyone around in studio again for the 5th time! Also did a bit of clean up...was beginning to sink into the clutter! lol! in any event, The Angel is very near completion...after two months of working on her. A real pleasure to create. Here she is in the morning sun.
and here are some of the other Spirit Warriors in a line up! I needed to look at them with some white behind them. they are nearly finished. All works are @ 5 feet tall by 2 and half feet wide


  1. Fabulous work. You are an angel in the abstract Di :)

  2. Helen!! aw! thanks so much for your inspiring comment!! Made me smile!
    thanks for visiting the blog. I actually keep trying to leave a comment on yours but it does not allow me???

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Carol! hey! thank you very much for visiting the blog!
      can’t wait to share these with you when you visit Michigan one day!