Friday, April 27, 2012

Nya Holliday pays me a visit

Nya Holliday paid me a visit yesterday and really had some wonderful things to say about a work in progress of mine. I am always so pleased to witness young people who take an interest in things other than “cell phone” “computer” and “game world”... she was so interested in the work and had such insightful comments. A True Pleasure to converse with you, Nya. I loved how you interpreted the work and I hope you will share one day... Please if you see this leave a comment! thanks a bunch,... Nya in front of “Inside the Wall” oil pastel on birch wood. Not quite finished yet.

1 comment:

  1. Diane Marie Kramer is a Great artist. As i was looking at her work i noticed that every time i looked at it, it told a different story. Which takes a great artist to achieve! I asked Diane about the materials used in her paintings, and she said they are antiques that her grandma and dad left her. Which to me made her art even more interesting, Which is why I love Diane Marie Kramer art work ...( beacause of the love and the stories her art work tells)
    -Nya Holliday