Monday, March 12, 2012

room 207 at AAW

Today I had some help in moving a bit more stuff out and around my current artist Residency studio at The Arts Academy of the woods.
Vince is such a great help.... and he was kind enough to move out a few more chairs... and helped me to push a few tables up against a this allowed me to create a space in the center for future sculpture.

meanwhile, i moved other tables..around so i can utilize the space in a way that will compliment how i create. I seem to create in circles... I like to move from one work to the other...
in a dance like rhythm. ..or at least have this option if the mood strikes!

here is a photo of my studio... (slightly altered)

here are a few shots of a new work in progress I stared today.

once again- i am using wood, paper, cloth, cheese cloth- tape- pencil

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