Friday, March 16, 2012

one step further with my mixed media - work in progress-

I just wanted to share today’s progress with my Deconstruction-construction-red Accordion - mixed media work! I posted the prior state in the last post.
This work is a four panel painting- using birch wood as my canvas.

today- I had had some students come in and observe..and when i had a moment to connect..i took some paint and started to lay down shapes and arrange them with some paint and objects.
Taking apart this accordion has been at times emotional. My father played the Accordion...and many family members...and friends of the family. I get mixed feelings when i hear this instrument played. There are many types of music using this instrument..from funky, to jazzy, ethnic, folk... it is open for interpretation.
I am enjoying learning how to play it visually.


  1. Di, this is so thrilling to see you working and many many congrats on your residency - this is so up your alley!! I will follow with great anticipation - you are an inspiration, xo

  2. Jeane, I am so tickled to see your comment. Thank you very much for visiting!! You are one of the vibes I love to tune into!! xx