Friday, March 30, 2012

Downright Dirty!

Today we have Moody Michigan Weather.
Bits of Rain, hail, wind, mixed with tones of thunder and bright white lightening.
Today in the Studio I was inspired to get a bit dirty.

I decided to bring some ‘dirt’ into my studio today. I wanted to have something of the academy within my work. why not the earth it stands on!

I enjoy working with “Nature”, and often use dirt and sand as a base in my mixed media paintings. Today I arranged to use the dirt in 4 of my spirit warrior panels.

(putting a good use to saved wine corks)


  1. Hi Diane, we met at AAW open house and spoke briefly about Integrity shows. Great blog and as I said before, WONDERFUL work! I'm your newest follower! Drop by and check me out as well. Peace!

    1. thanks a bunch for stopping by both - studio and blog.
      I am looking forward to visiting your blog!!