Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a day to reflect

Today I came in after several days of absence. I had a funeral to attend to..
so, I was kind of ‘low energy’.... but per usual... Art does have a way of healing ones spirit...
I am now helping out Mr Jacobi and help out in his 3rd and 5th hour art classes.
T, W- and Thursdays.
So, I had to hop a between classes..and thought I would work on two oil paintings.
I will post one of them today.
It felt good to be able to work on a quiet piece...

the birds were chirping outside my window...and a squirrel almost came in to see the work, yikes!!! Hot in MI today!!

the work is oil on birch wood.
you can check back ...posts to see day one. this is day two working on it!
thanks for your visits!!

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